Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Statement or Teaching Philosophy

(resources provided by Dr. Laura Page)

  • Different versions:

    • Full-length with word limit (usually one-page)

    • Syllabus statement: usually include a smaller version of the full-length version in the syllabus

  • Considerations:

    • Brief, clear, and concise

    • Target audience: colleague + supervisor + students

    • Avoid pedagogical jargon

  • Keys

    • Goals + values for teaching and learning

    • Description of how you teach

    • Assumptions about teaching and leaning

  • Structure

    • Experience in teaching

    • Commitment to teaching

    • Philosophy of teaching and learning

      • Learning models

      • Teaching models

      • Assessment

    • Teaching interests

    • Summary

    • References

Mike Nguyen, PhD
Mike Nguyen, PhD
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