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My 2 Cents on Sharing Your Research (Or How Not to Get Lost in the Data Jungle)

Sharing research data is like hosting a party. You want everything to be in the right place, accessible to everyone, but not too chaotic. Let’s navigate the data jungle together, shall we?

Possible Data Repositories

  • Harvard Dataverse: Great if you’re a minimalist, with a cap of 1TB per researcher. Supports only JSON and XML, so it’s like a party with a strict dress code.

  • Zenodo: The friendly neighbor who never says no. Unlimited space, supports everything, and even merged with Dryad.

  • Dryad: Must involve your institution. It’s like needing a chaperone for a night out.

  • Figshare: Got categories? Figshare is the librarian of data sharing.

  • Mendeley Data: Like a sophisticated social club for data enthusiasts.

  • OSF: If data repositories had a welcoming committee, OSF would be it.

  • VIVLI: The specialized clinic for clinical research data. Not for the faint of heart!

  • F1000Research: It’s there if you need it. Kind of like your in-laws.

If you’re the indecisive type and need a full-on spreadsheet to make your life choices, here’s a comparison chart.

Sharing Tips (or How to be the Life of the Data Party)

The Last Crumb

Remember, these repositories are like different rooms at a party. They all come with a DOI and support an embargo period (that’s the bouncer keeping things under control). Choose wisely, or you might end up in the metaphorical coatroom of the data-sharing party.

Happy sharing and don’t get lost in the data jungle!

Mike Nguyen, PhD
Mike Nguyen, PhD
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My research interests include marketing, and social science.