refer to relative path in blogdown

When you write your posts/blogs on blogdown, you might not want to always refer to the absolute path appeared on your website (because you might change your domain name and all hell breaks loose).

Then, to specify relative path you can

  • Step 1: Change your config.toml file by searching for [permalinks] then include relative path for your post:
    authors = "/author/:slug/" 
    tags = "/tag/:slug/" 
    categories = "/category/:slug/" 
    publication_types = "/publication-type/:slug/" 
    post = "/post/:slug"
  • Step 2: Then you can start writing like usual again. For example, you can find the last post [here](/post/slug_name_for_other_post/) where here will be highlighted with the URL to the other post.
Mike Nguyen, PhD
Mike Nguyen, PhD
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My research interests include marketing, and social science.