Adding to blogdown academic hugo theme

After several hours struggling with multiple recommendations by

I still cannot see my comment section using

I realize I did not have my webpage repo public. Hence, remembering to have your repo visibility option as Public is very important !!! Go to your repo online, under Settings tab, you can find “Change repository visibility” at the bottom of the page, change it to public

And I recommend using the simplest method to change your theme. Alternatively, you can use sources provided above.

  1. Install on your repo. You can either
    1. Choose to install to every repo (not recommended)

    2. Install only to your blog repo (recommended)

  2. Go to and fill our your form. Copy the copy snippet
  3. Go to themes/wowchemy/layouts/_default/single.html
  4. Add the code snippet provided by right above {{ partial "page_footer" . }}
    <div class="col-12 col-lg-10ish article-style">
    <script src=""
  1. Go to config/_default/params.toml and make sure that under “Comment”, engine = 0
  2. For the commentable section, you can customize as you wish. For example:
    • commentable = {page = false, post = true, docs = false, project = false, publication = true, talk = true}
Mike Nguyen, PhD
Mike Nguyen, PhD
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