AI for researchers

In this modern era where AI has taken over almost everything, finding the perfect AI sidekick is like searching for a needle in a haystack of silicon brains! As a researcher, I’ve dug deep into the matrix to bring you some fantastic resources that’ll turn your research process into a smooth, AI-powered joyride.

Publish or Perish on Microsoft Windows

Publish or Perish is a free software for researchers to prepare for their tenure packet or performance appraisal. This software allows users to see their research impact. Other functions include:

Johnson-Neyman for meta analysis

In applied research, we typically look at moderation effect of a moderator on the relationship between a predictor and an outcome variable. However, looking at the interaction term alone is very misleading.

Task Scheduler with Python and Anaconda environment

Frequently, we as researchers would like to expedite our work process with programs when we have repeated tasks. There is an easy way for you to do this with Python on your Windows computer.

Project Managment for Researchers

As a PhD student, it can be overwhelming sometimes with all the projects, courses (either teaching or taking), and conferences that you have to manage. Since I might not be the only one who struggle with this management task, I’d like to share my favorite project management app.