Create your own package in R

From .R Files to R Packages: A Game Changer for Empirical Researchers Hello, fellow data enthusiasts! Today, we’re going to embark on a journey that will take us from a scattered mess of .

revert a commit

I’ve recently committed a cardinal sin of pulling a merge without checking. And then, I had to try to revert back to my original commit. However, I also encounter an error saying non-fast-forward.

Missing Git tab in Rstudio on Windows computer

Due to a new movement in the tech industry, organizations (e.g., companies or universities) will not allow their members to have complete control of their machines (i.e., administrative privileges or running programs as administrators).

remove files greater than 100MB from github repo before committing

I accidentally commit files greater than 100 MB (which is against GitHub’s policy - only files less than 100MB). Hence, you should always either Ignore the files by including their names in the .

Upload files greater than 100MB to GitHub

What if you want to upload more than 100MB? This is where Git Large File Storage comes in. Step 1: After downloading it from the link above, type git lfs isntall in your “Terminal” (once per user account)