Connect WRDS in R

Connect from R to Wharton Research Data Services to set up connection from R to WRDS (here) library(RPostgres) library(dplyr) # I've set up wrds connection before hand. # Please use your username and password here.

Tobin's q

Tobin’s Q According to Kerin and Sethuraman (Kerin and Sethuraman 1998, 261), Tobins q is the “ratio of the market value of the firm to the replacement cost of its tangible assets, property, plant, equipment, inventory, cash, and investments in stocks and bonds”.

Patent Databases

Comprehensive patent data can be found here United States NBER patent data or link Search link for individual patent: link Patent API USPTO - United States patent and Trademark Office Patent ranking by orgs Bulk Data Storage System: repository for raw public bulk data For Researcher Patent Assignment Dataset details information of patent assignment since 1970 with schema and description and code Pre-Grant Publications Data Download Tables with example code note that organizaiton here is different from Compustat and CRSP, hard to match.