reproducible example (reprex)

install once per computer install.packages("reprex") or part of `tidyverse install.packages("tidyverse") You can either call it in every session library(reprex) or put it in .Rprofile for each machine to run whenever you open R


Flipbooks can be used for: Education Reference Communication Transparency library(flipbookr) cars %>% filter(speed > 4) %>% ggplot() + aes(x = speed) + #BREAK aes(y = dist) + #BREAK geom_point( alpha = .

psychological experiments

Use jaysire package to build flexible behavioral experiments in R. Why? Better workflow Free Cutomizable remotes::install_github("djnavarro/jaysire")


Check where your package is installed find.package("dplyr") ## [1] "C:/Program Files/R/R-4.0.3/library/dplyr" All projects use the same library path. Then for each project, you need different library dependencies. Intializing a project renv::init() A .