learnr to guide students

Teaching statistics or data science, we can use learnr package. # library("learnr") To collect data, we can use learnrhash # library("learnrhash") Remember to adjust parameters so your can handle the number of students you have in the class.

Connect WRDS in R

Connect from R to Wharton Research Data Services to set up connection from R to WRDS (here) library(RPostgres) library(dplyr) # I've set up wrds connection before hand. # Please use your username and password here.

psychological experiments

Use jaysire package to build flexible behavioral experiments in R. Why? Better workflow Free Cutomizable remotes::install_github("djnavarro/jaysire")

Linking Financial Databases (CRSP and Compustat)

Information can be found in CRSP/COMPUSTAT MERGED DATABASE GUIDE Change Identifiers: Ticker: can be reassign to another company - abbreviation used to uniquely identify publicly-traded shares of a stock CUSIP: A company can have multiple CUSIPS due to structural changes.

Academic: the website builder for Hugo

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