Move or Copy Environment in Python

It’s likely that at some point in you data analysis or research career, you will have to either move or copy your current working/virtual environment in Python (in Anaconda or any other platform) to a new location (e.g., virtual machine, new work station)

To do so, you can copy your old working environment by exporting it. In your console, type:

pip freeze > requirements.txt

This code helps you create a new requirements.txt file in your current working directory. If you don’t know where you are (type os.getcwd())

Then move this file to your new location, and in the console type

pip install -r requirements.txt

You can also edit the requirements.txt if you want by

  1. Including more packages in the format: <package_name> == <version>
  2. Specify the range of the package: <package_name> >= <version>, <= <version>
Mike Nguyen, PhD
Mike Nguyen, PhD
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